How to Get Free Backlinks to a Website

Increase PageRank with Social Networking and Online Marketing

Backlinks are the essential element to increase PageRank. Advertising is expensive, so here are some ways to get free backlinks to a website.

Google’s PageRank is an algorithm used to identify the popularity of a website. The company has the term and algorithm patented, and it instantly became the focus of many webmasters. To increase PageRank, webmasters quickly turned to search engine optimization (SEO) companies that spammed the internet and used methods that were against Google’s guidelines. After a few months of increased PageRank, webmasters found their websites dropped several levels. In some cases, Google dropped PageRank to 0. For this reason, webmasters should be careful when choosing an SEO company and use ethical ways to increase PageRank.

Industry Forums and Newsgroups

Using forums provides website marketing, and they can be used for two reasons: promote a business through information sharing, and to get backlinks using a website link in a forum signature.

Several online forums exist where users share information regarding current trends and issues. Find a forum in the website’s area of expertise and help users with issues and share knowledge. Forums normally have a signature option, so the website owner can use the signature field to provide a searchable backlink to the website.

Networking with Bloggers

If it’s a product or service, there is always a blogger out there willing to test the product or review the service. Some online businesses provide a blogger with a free product or credits for the website’s service. The blogger reviews the website and creates a post that reviews each service. This provides a word-of-mouth technique, and it’s a free way to get backlinks to the site.

Social Networking Websites – Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace

Social networking sites are one of the newest ways to get backlinks. Backlinks aren’t the only advantage for social networking sites. Posting a link on Facebook can greatly increase the website’s traffic. Word-of-mouth is a great way to obtain backlinks, which is why websites should focus on information and content that helps readers. If a reader finds the website helpful, he may place a link to the domain. This is the most natural way to get backlinks to the site.

These methods provide a website owner with a free, natural way to gain backlinks – no spamming, directory links or blog comments are necessary. Networking a website takes time, but the backlinks gained are more natural, so there is a limited chance that Google will devalue them. When Google devalues backlinks such as those obtained through spamming or directory submissions, PageRank is sometimes dropped. Avoid unnatural, spammy ways to get backlinks, and the website can increase PageRank without a penalty.