Contact Lenses By Post

It has been estimated that 125 million people worldwide wear contact lenses, mostly for vision correction.

Many people have found that buying contact lenses by post is very convenient. To do this, most people buy contacts online. Some people use contact lenses for special effects, but for most people they are corrective. Clear contact lenses are virtually invisible in the eye, but there are also colored contact lenses that can change any eye color to any other eye color, like the Freshlook 1-Day. These are usually worn for special occasions (like a costume party), or as an occasional way to change up one’s look, and they can be had in corrective and non-corrective form.

Contact lenses can now be treated with an anti UV coating to help reduce UV damage to the eye’s lens.

People choose contact lenses over glasses for many reasons. For one thing, they’re practically invisible. They also provide a better peripheral vision for daily life and for sporting activities where good peripheral vision is necessary. There are a few optical problems with the eyes that cannot be corrected well with glasses but can be corrected with contact lenses.

While getting fitted for contact lenses used to be a complicated and expensive process, recent decades have brought prices for contact lenses way down, and have brought about new technologies, like disposable contact lenses, which are very popular for their better safety over the old “daily wear” contacts. Those who want to buy contacts online now have many choices in sellers of every brand of contact lens.


Many people who use disposable contact lenses have found it convenient to order contact lenses by post. Many sellers of contact lenses by post offer “subscription” programs where you order lenses and specify a time interval to have new ones automatically shipped at bi-weekly, monthly, or other regular intervals. The costs can be deducted from a bank account or a credit card number kept on file.

Even for people who are used to buying their contact lenses in bulk through local optical chains, the ordering of contact lenses by post can be more convenient, as anyone who has gone to an optical shop for a new supply of contacts only to be told there are none in stock can attest. A monthly payment entitles you to doorstep delivery, wetting drops, discounts on eyeglasses (which any contact lens wearer should have as a backup), and even paid-up aftercare from optical shop networks. These programs make it easy to change preferences as well, as new products come on the market and as prescriptions change.

There are two main types of contact lenses by post that you can order: soft lenses and gas permeable lenses. Soft lenses are largely composed of water and are known for being very comfortable to wear. Soft lenses do not block oxygen to the eye and do not dry out the eye. Gas permeable lenses are made of hard plastic and produce perfectly clear vision. They last longer than soft lenses, but they should not be worn every day so that you can be sure the eye is getting the amount of oxygen it needs. These must be removed for sleeping, whereas there are types of soft lenses that can be worn overnight. It is very important, however, that sleep-in contact lenses are replaced regularly to keep the eye healthy and prevent the buildup of contaminants.

Here is a list of types of contact lenses by post you can obtain, and how often you need to replace them: continuous wear: monthly/daily, disposable: daily (one use), disposable for daytime wear: two weeks, disposable for overnight wear: one week, gas permeable: yearly or longer and daily wear (long term): monthly or longer.

The longer a pair of lenses are meant to be worn, the more involved the daily cleaning routine will be. For example, with daily disposable contacts, you just toss them after one wearing, so there’s no cleaning involved. Daily contact lenses worn for more than one day should be cleaned after every use and stored in the recommended contact lens solution in a case. Daily wear lenses that are meant to be kept for several months to a year may need periodic enzyme cleaning. Your eye care professional can advise you on this.

One of the best developments in contact lenses by post in recent years is the bifocal contact lens. These have separate areas for near and far vision and make it so many adults who would normally have to wear reading glasses don’t have to. There are also contact lenses by post today that can correct astigmatism as well as nearsightedness and farsightedness.

But contact lenses by post aren’t all work and no play. Prescription and non-prescription lenses are available in a wide range of fashionable colored lenses as well as “special effect” and “theatrical” that are popular for Halloween costumes and other costumed occasions. Hollywood has long used special effect contact lenses for various effects in movies, and now ordinary people can get these special contact lenses by post too.

It is important when buying contact lenses by post – whether prescription, special effect, or both – to make sure you are buying from a reputable seller of contact lenses. In some places, non-prescription special effect lenses are available through special vending machines, but these do not undergo the kind of quality inspection that contacts from your eye doctor, optical shop, or by post do. So while they may look just like the ones you’ve seen online and in optical shops, they may not be made to the highest standards, and you could risk an eye infection or worse if you try them. Don’t let the low prices on vending machine special effects contact lenses draw you in: they can be much more expensive in the long run if you damage your eyes.

Another pertinent warning that people buying special effect or colored contact lenses by post is never to share lenses with anyone. This raises a very serious risk of eye infection in both the borrower and the lender, and should never be done. Always get your own contact lenses and never share them.

When choosing a place to buy contact lenses by post, compare a number of suppliers that have the brands you are familiar with. Prices are competitive, and delivery is fast and reliable in most cases. Read customer ratings and forum posts about any company you are considering buying from. Even if you do not need vision correction, in some places you still need an eye doctor’s prescription for buying contact lenses by post. He or she will measure your eye shape and write down numbers telling the size lenses you need. Ask your eye doctor for a copy of your prescription so you can shop around for the best deal for you.

Always follow all safety and hygiene precautions when you buy contact lenses by post (or anywhere else). You must always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses, and you need a case to keep them in unless they are daily disposables. Continue visiting your eye doctor every year, or as often as he or she recommends a vision check-up. If you know how to take care of your lenses and like the idea of never running out of lenses, then contact lenses by post may be a great choice for you.