Contact Lenses By Post

It has been estimated that 125 million people worldwide wear contact lenses, mostly for vision correction.

Many people have found that buying contact lenses by post is very convenient. To do this, most people buy contacts online. Some people use contact lenses for special effects, but for most people they are corrective. Clear contact lenses are virtually invisible in the eye, but there are also colored contact lenses that can change any eye color to any other eye color, like the Freshlook 1-Day. These are usually worn for special occasions (like a costume party), or as an occasional way to change up one’s look, and they can be had in corrective and non-corrective form.

Contact lenses can now be treated with an anti UV coating to help reduce UV damage to the eye’s lens.

People choose contact lenses over glasses for many reasons. For one thing, they’re practically invisible. They also provide a better peripheral vision for daily life and for sporting activities where good peripheral vision is necessary. There are a few optical problems with the eyes that cannot be corrected well with glasses but can be corrected with contact lenses.

While getting fitted for contact lenses used to be a complicated and expensive process, recent decades have brought prices for contact lenses way down, and have brought about new technologies, like disposable contact lenses, which are very popular for their better safety over the old “daily wear” contacts. Those who want to buy contacts online now have many choices in sellers of every brand of contact lens.


Many people who use disposable contact lenses have found it convenient to order contact lenses by post. Many sellers of contact lenses by post offer “subscription” programs where you order lenses and specify a time interval to have new ones automatically shipped at bi-weekly, monthly, or other regular intervals. The costs can be deducted from a bank account or a credit card number kept on file.

Even for people who are used to buying their contact lenses in bulk through local optical chains, the ordering of contact lenses by post can be more convenient, as anyone who has gone to an optical shop for a new supply of contacts only to be told there are none in stock can attest. A monthly payment entitles you to doorstep delivery, wetting drops, discounts on eyeglasses (which any contact lens wearer should have as a backup), and even paid-up aftercare from optical shop networks. These programs make it easy to change preferences as well, as new products come on the market and as prescriptions change.

There are two main types of contact lenses by post that you can order: soft lenses and gas permeable lenses. Soft lenses are largely composed of water and are known for being very comfortable to wear. Soft lenses do not block oxygen to the eye and do not dry out the eye. Gas permeable lenses are made of hard plastic and produce perfectly clear vision. They last longer than soft lenses, but they should not be worn every day so that you can be sure the eye is getting the amount of oxygen it needs. These must be removed for sleeping, whereas there are types of soft lenses that can be worn overnight. It is very important, however, that sleep-in contact lenses are replaced regularly to keep the eye healthy and prevent the buildup of contaminants.

Here is a list of types of contact lenses by post you can obtain, and how often you need to replace them: continuous wear: monthly/daily, disposable: daily (one use), disposable for daytime wear: two weeks, disposable for overnight wear: one week, gas permeable: yearly or longer and daily wear (long term): monthly or longer.

The longer a pair of lenses are meant to be worn, the more involved the daily cleaning routine will be. For example, with daily disposable contacts, you just toss them after one wearing, so there’s no cleaning involved. Daily contact lenses worn for more than one day should be cleaned after every use and stored in the recommended contact lens solution in a case. Daily wear lenses that are meant to be kept for several months to a year may need periodic enzyme cleaning. Your eye care professional can advise you on this.

One of the best developments in contact lenses by post in recent years is the bifocal contact lens. These have separate areas for near and far vision and make it so many adults who would normally have to wear reading glasses don’t have to. There are also contact lenses by post today that can correct astigmatism as well as nearsightedness and farsightedness.

But contact lenses by post aren’t all work and no play. Prescription and non-prescription lenses are available in a wide range of fashionable colored lenses as well as “special effect” and “theatrical” that are popular for Halloween costumes and other costumed occasions. Hollywood has long used special effect contact lenses for various effects in movies, and now ordinary people can get these special contact lenses by post too.

It is important when buying contact lenses by post – whether prescription, special effect, or both – to make sure you are buying from a reputable seller of contact lenses. In some places, non-prescription special effect lenses are available through special vending machines, but these do not undergo the kind of quality inspection that contacts from your eye doctor, optical shop, or by post do. So while they may look just like the ones you’ve seen online and in optical shops, they may not be made to the highest standards, and you could risk an eye infection or worse if you try them. Don’t let the low prices on vending machine special effects contact lenses draw you in: they can be much more expensive in the long run if you damage your eyes.

Another pertinent warning that people buying special effect or colored contact lenses by post is never to share lenses with anyone. This raises a very serious risk of eye infection in both the borrower and the lender, and should never be done. Always get your own contact lenses and never share them.

When choosing a place to buy contact lenses by post, compare a number of suppliers that have the brands you are familiar with. Prices are competitive, and delivery is fast and reliable in most cases. Read customer ratings and forum posts about any company you are considering buying from. Even if you do not need vision correction, in some places you still need an eye doctor’s prescription for buying contact lenses by post. He or she will measure your eye shape and write down numbers telling the size lenses you need. Ask your eye doctor for a copy of your prescription so you can shop around for the best deal for you.

Always follow all safety and hygiene precautions when you buy contact lenses by post (or anywhere else). You must always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses, and you need a case to keep them in unless they are daily disposables. Continue visiting your eye doctor every year, or as often as he or she recommends a vision check-up. If you know how to take care of your lenses and like the idea of never running out of lenses, then contact lenses by post may be a great choice for you.

How to Get Free Backlinks to a Website

Increase PageRank with Social Networking and Online Marketing

Backlinks are the essential element to increase PageRank. Advertising is expensive, so here are some ways to get free backlinks to a website.

Google’s PageRank is an algorithm used to identify the popularity of a website. The company has the term and algorithm patented, and it instantly became the focus of many webmasters. To increase PageRank, webmasters quickly turned to search engine optimization (SEO) companies that spammed the internet and used methods that were against Google’s guidelines. After a few months of increased PageRank, webmasters found their websites dropped several levels. In some cases, Google dropped PageRank to 0. For this reason, webmasters should be careful when choosing an SEO company and use ethical ways to increase PageRank.

Industry Forums and Newsgroups

Using forums provides website marketing, and they can be used for two reasons: promote a business through information sharing, and to get backlinks using a website link in a forum signature.

Several online forums exist where users share information regarding current trends and issues. Find a forum in the website’s area of expertise and help users with issues and share knowledge. Forums normally have a signature option, so the website owner can use the signature field to provide a searchable backlink to the website.

Networking with Bloggers

If it’s a product or service, there is always a blogger out there willing to test the product or review the service. Some online businesses provide a blogger with a free product or credits for the website’s service. The blogger reviews the website and creates a post that reviews each service. This provides a word-of-mouth technique, and it’s a free way to get backlinks to the site.

Social Networking Websites – Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace

Social networking sites are one of the newest ways to get backlinks. Backlinks aren’t the only advantage for social networking sites. Posting a link on Facebook can greatly increase the website’s traffic. Word-of-mouth is a great way to obtain backlinks, which is why websites should focus on information and content that helps readers. If a reader finds the website helpful, he may place a link to the domain. This is the most natural way to get backlinks to the site.

These methods provide a website owner with a free, natural way to gain backlinks – no spamming, directory links or blog comments are necessary. Networking a website takes time, but the backlinks gained are more natural, so there is a limited chance that Google will devalue them. When Google devalues backlinks such as those obtained through spamming or directory submissions, PageRank is sometimes dropped. Avoid unnatural, spammy ways to get backlinks, and the website can increase PageRank without a penalty.

Introducing Pigeon… Google’s Latest Algorithm Change

Introducing Pigeon: Google’s latest algorithm change has brought forward the importance of niche directory listings for SEO, small businesses and web developers everywhere. Google once again herds us to the edge and bumps a few more websites into that black hole oblivion called the world wide web… never to be seen again? Not likely… but still, noteworthy.

What does it all mean?
Local business directory listings have long been a favourite debate amongst SEO, web developers and internet marketers alike. Pushing for safe backlinks to provide their clients, desperate marketers began placing links in every available directory and blog that would accept a link to promote relevancy and help guide Google’s spider bots towards indexing client sites correctly… listing client profiles in any old random business directory may finally have taken its toll. While I am a fan of local business directories, I also want to make it clear… there is a very fine line between poorly produced business directories and link farming… both are just one big pile of links in the robots eye. If you have been in the business for a while you know how damaging it can be when your website has been associated with a link farm, it was the end of an era for some. Thus, a poorly structured business directory can be as detrimental to your website as any link farm could be… Using this philosophy, this gives more weight to the argument of only listing with reputable business directories such as the White & Yellow pages, eLocal, Superpages and others… my favourite being niche directories. Niche directories are keyword rich search term gold mines and when linking back to your site, give the most relevance to a particular industry and therefore are more heavily weighted with search bots when determining how your site might be indexed for a particular targeted search term.

Best Organic SEO Linking Strategies

In addition to being one of the most important SEO strategies, it is possibly one of the most controversial, misunderstood and argued SEO topics in today’s market.

One thing that we can agree upon, being SEO experts is that we all have seen the search engine algorithms change on a regular basis throughout the years and that over the years many factors have come to pass and new ones become relevant. Each having significant value in relation to how search engine search bots index our sites and ultimately determine our natural organic search term search rank.

Without giving away too much of that coveted SEO inside information it is common knowledge the value of targeted anchor text and the content of the page you are linking to as pertaining to how it directly affects the way search bots interpret your page and index you. You may have at one point or another heard or read about the “Discredit of having links from unrelated websites linking back to your page”, Or how search moguls like:

“Google may see this as unfavourable and how it could possibly have a negative rather than positive effect on your rankings”.

Is this true or myth? Google especially is very content driven, pays very close attention to keyword density, anchor text and backlinking… but in the end, there is one common denominator that stands true across the board for search engine search bots everywhere… “Its a robot!”

Yep, believe it or not… it’s a robot! And it only knows what you tell it! The number of links linking to your website can have a wide range of effects on the effectiveness of your linking strategy and how the search bots interpret your site. What kind of message are you sending to these search bots if you have 10,000 irrelevant links to your website?  The Answer: Garbled. “Garbled information in links that drill down to an endless abyss of failed websites in the wrong category on a page no one will ever see.”

The value of links isn’t the volume of them but how they will help search bots work out what keywords your site is relevant for and how to properly index you. Personally, I would trade those 10,000 irrelevant links for 10 relevant links any day of the week… thus, when planning out your next linking strategy you may want to determine who is going to benefit most from the link that you trade and make a list. Are you willing to put a competitors link on your website? I’m guessing not… then you have to ask: would a top competitor even consider linking back to you? Definitely not! So, where do you go from there? What’s all the hype about linking strategies then?

The biggest mistake one can make in this business is to think that they can achieve this status in a day, week or even a month. That paying a so-called SEO company to submit their site to 50,000 search engines and directories at once is going to solve ALL their problems overnight and that the site visitors and online business are going to come raining down upon them providing riches never before seen and all prayers will have been answered. Not likely peeps…

What Search Engine Optimization Consulting Specialists Can Do For Your Business

Search engine optimisation consulting specialists are experts in boosting traffic and exposure of your website in the search engine. They are also called as search engine optimization consultants. Driving more traffic on your site can generate better rank on the most popular search engines in the Internet like Google. With this search engine positioning there is a high chance for people to visit your site and get to know your products and services which also means better profit potential for your business.

What Search Engine Optimization Consulting Specialists Can Do For Your Business

Search engine optimisation consulting specialists can offer various services that could enhance your site’s marketability on the web. They can help increase your site’s visitors who can potentially become your customers. Finding a good SEO specialist is easy. There are many of them advertising their SEO services online however choosing one takes thorough scrutiny to find a legitimate and proficient one to help with your business.

It is notable to know that there are varieties of search engine optimization consulting specialists. The beginners would offer services such as search friendly copywriting. Intermediate and advanced SEO consulting specialists handle programming and coding services. Among other expertise of an SEO specialist are article writing, web content writing, search engine optimisation and link building.

Optimising specialists usually concentrate on improving contents and copywriting. Their main job is to work on keywords and improved density of texts. Since search engine is a text retrieval system, the more keywords and text you put into the web pages the more relevant your site becomes for the search engine to find. This will ensure better visibility of your website to millions of web users who use the Internet technology for the convenience of finding different products and services everyday.

Search engine optimization consulting specialists have broader knowledge about programming and bring a bigger concept of online marketing through SEO. They provide services such as comprehensive planning and analysis of a business prior to the search engine optimization process of your site. Among the other relevant functions of search engine optimization consulting specialists are social bookmarking, article directory submissions, forum postings, SEO submissions, and blog commenting. These are some of the many search engine ranking optimization schemes that help improve your site’s visibillity among the web users.

Taking into account how the SEO consulting specialist services can help grow your business online there is no wonder why many online entrepreneurs are beginning to appreciate their contribution in the online marketing trend of doing business in the Internet. However no matter how easy it may seem in finding them and hire their services it is of utmost priority to observe prudence in hiring only the reputable search engine optimization consulting specialists who are already known and made a name in their field of service.

Finally, it is best to make a thorough assessment on what your business need to communicate it with your chosen SEO consulting specialist to help them understand your specific needs better for them to tailor their services according to your preferred specifications. You should also look forward to establishing long term business relation with an SEO specialist since it will take about a month or more to make your site up to rank high on the search engine. As SEO experts you will find value on the money you spend for a search engine optimization consulting specialist who can help you grow and build a profitable business online.