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Web Design ServicesThis list provides websites I developed on contract or completely independent from my in-house positions held throughout the years of web development and search engine optimization. I have developed sites much larger utilizing teams of web designers, programmers, graphic artists, content writers, seo & link building companies. I have written guidelines for full scale eCommerce sites and managed the build of several web development foundations in-house for small, commercial and enterprise level companies. I co-developed a social network for an Adult company located in Chatsworth, CA and landed their sites on top of the adult search rankings for very relevant search terms (some recorded multiple #1 and top ten search results in Google). I have managed hosting companies and worked with hosting company CEO’s to develop a solid plan of action when building out the company web development infrastructure. I currently manage a leased hosting server and focus my new business on web development, search engine optimization, internet marketing, PPC and display advertising. Together we can plan your build according to your needs without the inflated prices that come from corporate overhead. As a client you can expect dedicated web design service and personal instruction when needed. If you are local, we can meet in person and have personalized instruction with your new website cms.

New Sites Not Yet Added

studio photography website design
Studiobportraiture.com, another premium site for a local photography studio business out of Portland, OR. This website is completely responsive and works well across all devices. This site has A LOT of potential to do great things…. however, this one is also still in progress.

Local Business Web Design - 4LocalRestaurants.com
4LocalRestaurants.com is a local business directory dedicated to local restaurants and includes searchable maps, reviews, ratings, menus and more.

Local Travel Web Design - BigBearCabinsandRentals.com
BigBearCabinsandRentals.com is fully responsive web design and currently waiting for images and content.

wedding website design
Sparrvikwedding.com A responsive wedding website design that boasts password protection to keep uninvited people from accessing the custom RSVP form, a Guestbook, Bride and Groom pages, How We Met, an image gallery, Google maps, Weather module, Travel info, a blog and more… View the real site here: http://www.sparrvikwedding.com/pp/ use the password: 44753

ecommerce fashion website design
Giustabella.com A responsive eCommerce fashion website that promotes eyelash extensions, makeup, cleaners and works very smoothly. Everything about this site gives a very professional look and feel to ensure the customer feels safe about pulling out that credit card and making a purchase! So important to small business owners!


Prestashop eCommerce Web Design - TheAtomicAlley.com
TheAtomicAlley.com is a recent small online vinatge reproduction & mid century modern furniture store built on the Prestashop v1.5.5.0 eCommerce framework. This version is a templated Prestashop store front with some minor custom graphics and modules added for a front page slider, social buttons, paypal payments, opt-in/out newsletter, customer wishlist, recently viewed products, send to a friend option, fancybox image gallery, in addition to all the bells and whistles that Prestashop has become famous for! If you haven’t a website for you business already Prestashop has come a very long way from the previous buggy mess of a framework they once were and may be the eCommerce framework of choice for someone just starting out as the backend administration panel is fairly easy to navigate!

Prestashop eCommerce Web Design - NaturalRemedies-USA.com
NaturalRemedies-USA.com is a “work in progress” small online natural remedies or organic vitamin online store built on the WordPress Woocommerce eCommerce framework. This version employs all the latest bells and mobile friendly whistles, the store front provides dynamic information and incorporates modules added for social buttons (Facebook, Twitter and Pin it), paypal payments, opt-in/out newsletter, recently viewed products, tell a friend option, fancybox image gallery, product description and product tag drop down menu to keep the page clean. Woocommerce is very easy to navigate, very stable, clean, and easy to update…. highly recommended for people with all types of backgrounds and is now the preferred platform to work with.

Magento eCommerce Web Design - Justbepurses.com
Currently in Dev mode: http://www.justbeonline.com/bags-and-purses/

Justbeonline.com is a “work in progress” small online women’s clothing boutique built on the Magento eCommerce framework. This version features a custom store front with modules added for social buttons (Facebook, Twitter and Pin it), paypal payments, opt-in/out newsletter, recently viewed products, tell a friend option, fancybox image gallery, product description and product tag drop down menu to keep the page clean, in addition to all the bells and whistles that Magento has become famous for! If you’re PC and Web savvy Magento is the eCommerce framework of choice!

Woocommerce site design
Currently in Dev mode: http://dev.conju-probe.com

Dev.Conju-Probe.com is a super clean, responsive, custom web design for a bioconjugation facility out of San Diego, CA. Based on Woocommerce, this site is currently a work in progress due to publish very soon. In the meantime, they asked for a style more conducive to the science community and this is the result. Clean, professional and easy to update, secure and manage!

Magento Online Store Design - Lalalovely.com
Currently in Dev mode: http://dev.lalalovely.com

Lalalovely.com is also an small online women’s boutique built on Magento… keeping the clean design style throughout the site and custom built to the client specs this Magento site offers a compare products option, view cart, newsletter sign up, a clean product view utilizing both a Facebook “Like” and Pin it button, custom fonts, easy discount codes & coupons, fancybox images, and tabbed descriptions to keep the page clean.

ecommerce web design
Aw-nauticalgifts.com is a eCommerce site built on Prestashop and features a custom design that blankets the Prestashop framework. One of the things I like about Prestashop is their default layout just kind of puts it ALL out there. Featured products, newsletters, relevant product tags, the shopping cart, categories, latest products, top selling products, fancybox images, product search, paypal info for new users, sitemaps and more!

ecommerce web site design
Nutriguard.com is also built on top of the Prestashop framework… one of my favorite stores to shop from! :) If you have an existing Prestashop online store and need to upgrade your site, add functionality or a complete or partial site redesign… this is familiar water and we are very comfortable treading it.

legal directory web site
Legalexpertsearch.com has an old school php online business directory framework that incorporates zip code proximity search, Google maps, paypal payment gateway, job search, FAQ management, tiered cms client accounts, article submission, events calendar, dedicated Google news feed, featured listings, front page advertising blocks and more…

Local Business Web Design - 4LocalRestaurants.com
4LocalRestaurants.com is a local business directory dedicated to local restaurants and includes searchable maps, reviews, ratings, menus and more.
Medicalexpertsearch website development
Medicalexpertsearch.com is built on a dinosaur php online business directory script and incorporates featured listings, advertising blocks, latest listings, latest articles, site categories, advanced search, client backend cms and more…

Expertwitnessessearch website development
Expertwitnessessearch.com is a clone of the Medicalexpertsearch.com site and utilizes the same modules as listed above.

premieresales water web site
Premieresales.com, this premium site for a local water filtration business is doing very well in both seo and sales. This website is completely responsive and works well across all devices. The owner was so happy with the site he purchased the Annual Maintenance Plan to keep his site up to date and running smoothly, as well as, backed up! Always very important when your website is your livelihood.

local business web site
Sandiegowaterslides.com, as with most all my service sites is also built on WordPress. Utilizes image gallerys, Google maps, website reviews, website FAQ’s and also does very well in Google serp’s. (Special Note: the full size screenshot image does not represent the actual site. More specifically, the background image on the site is a “Fixed” image and stationary when scrolling. Not represented in the screenshot.)

local business web site design
Advancedbuildersproperties.com built on WordPress and utilizes a home page slider, image galleries, paypal payments, in addition to custom forms and artwork.

local business web design
Selfstorageinpalmsprings.com built on WordPress and utilizes a home page sliding image, social networking buttons, a custom online rental agreement, website reviews, Google maps, drop down menus, easy site coupons, Facebook conversation block, a custom contact page, Share This options, and incorporates a blog.

Bigtenstorage web design work
Bigtenstorage.com is built on the Drupal framework and for this site we did a nice facelift fixing page errors, block alignment, partially fixed coding errors, some image work.

Castlelyons.net web site design
Castlelyons.net is a custom hand-coded html site constructed according to client specs for design and layout. This site did extremely well on not only the top 3 search engines but produced “across the board” search engine search results for ALL targeted search terms contracted.

service web site design
Igc-global.com is an online gaming internet marketing and lead generation company that is built on WordPress. WordPress is the start-up company’s framework of choice because it quickly setup, easily customized, has a large support system, has No-Hassle upgrades, mobile friendly (if designed accordingly), and many many mods are available for free.
Local Business Web Design - GotCollegeCoaching.com
GotCollegeCoaching.com is a local business based on coaching & prepping students for college.

Local Business Web Design - RootsandWingsPreschool.com
RootsandWingsPreschool.com is a WordPress website using responsive design, an events calendar, tour booking, newsletters, a professional slider app and more.

Phycobilin.org web design
Phycobilin.org is a scientific website built on the WordPress framework according to client specs and unfortunately never been maintained since. It incorporates an events calendar and newsletters with links to PDF studies written by the president and CEO Mark McCarty.

Mobilecompmedic web site design
Mobilecompmedic.com was a service site dedicated to mobile computer repair and data recovery in San Diego and North San Diego county. This site is also an old school design and there are no plans to change that… however, this site also at times saturated the search engine search results for ALL relevant terms and existed as a local search result before local search was a term.

Carreviewsonline.net web design
Carreviewsonline.net was a hand coded html landing page generated to drive both paid and organic search traffic for a client of C&A Advertising in the automotive category.

Allabouthybrids.net site design
Allabouthybrids.net was a landing page generated to drive both paid and organic search traffic on the WordPress framework for the same client automotive category of C&A Advertising

Mycarsfinder.com website design
Mycarsfinder.com is yet another landing page for the automotive industry built on the WordPress framework for the same client of C&A Advertising.