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Seo ReviewsAre you a past or current client? Please feel free to let others know your experience with SeoPro web design and seo services. If you haven’t already checked my past client ranking reports, See them here >>> Seo Ranking Reports.

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 6 reviews
Above and beyond

Kenny helped me redo my website to the standard that I wanted.He is quick, thorough and innovative. Even when I bought a new computer he took the time to help me get it set up and running smoothly.He goes above and beyond what is expected.

Thanks again kenny for all your hardwork and patience with me!

by Sam Barba on SeoPro Consulting
Perfect 5 Stars!

Kenny scores a perfect 5.0, his coding skills are clearly top notch. I had an excellent experience working with Kenny. He not only completed the job to a top standard, he was happy to provide a ton of advice along the way. We went through quite a few iterations of the site during the debugging cycle and he worked hard to address and correct all the issues that cropped up during testing. He is a tremendous asset to our operation. We're looking forward to working with Kenny again on another project.

by London Brown on SeoPro Consulting

I contacted Kenneth because of a recommendation from one of his other customers who is a friend of mine. I am so glad I did!
He does great work and is just as concerned about getting it done on time as I am. I get a lot of peace of mind knowing that I can trust him because of his expertise and his natural ability to anticipate what I need.
He's always there WHENEVER I need him and I have really appreciated his patience and attention to my requests (I'm a perfectionist, so dealing with me hasn't been easy).
If you're looking for a quality website without any sacrifice, contact Kenneth. He WILL take care of you.

Thank you Kenneth for your countless hours on the development of my website. I couldn't have done it without you and most of all, I couldn't be happier.

by D. Cleary on SeoPro Consulting
Very Professional

We were looking for a person to help us build a customized & interactive website for a property management and land development company. Kenneth was very thorough and helpful in all phases of the development. He was easy to work with & we are very happy with the end result.

by Mark McCarty on SeoPro Consulting
Five Star

For many years, Kenny has worked with us to develop our website, and also to help us out with the occasional computer problems that inevitably crop up. His work for us has always been professional and cheerful, and he has never failed to bail us out promptly whenever problems arose. And the price has been right! We intend to maintain our professional relationship and friendship with him as long as there is a NutriGuard. Highly recommended!

by Rose Misner on SeoPro Consulting
Web site design

Kenneth was always there in a pinch when we needed him. Very patient with customers with limited computer experience.