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Free Seo ToolsMy list of Free Seo Tools that should be part of every web designer & seo’s tool kit. Paid tools are o.k. but FREE is always better! This is my take: “So long as Google has the bulk of the search market, we search optimization specialists should give more weight to the data that Google provides to us and all other third party programs that collect data can take a backseat and should be used for comparison only”.

Do you have recommendations or a favorite free seo tool not listed here? Send me a link for review and I will be happy to add it to my list.

Seobook Keyword Density Tool Seobook Keyword Density Tool The Seobook Keyword Density Tool is by far the best free keyword density tool available. Simply type in the url of the page you wish to review and receive an instant density report that gives one word, two word and three word
Screaming Frog Seo Tool Screaming Frog Seo Tool Screaming Frog search engine optimization Spider installs to your PC or Mac and spiders websites’ links, images, CSS, script and apps from an seo perspective. It fetches key onsite page elements for seo and presents them in a tabbed spreadsheet.
Firefox Link Checker Plugin Firefox Link Checker Addon If you don’t already use the firefox web browser as your default we highly recommend making the switch! Then, navigate to “tools” “add-ons” and active this add-on. A very handy tool for checking dead and inactive links, in addition to seeing who is linking to you!
Google Adsense Google Adsense Google AdSense is a free program that enables website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads and earn.
Google Analytics Google Analytics This tool has come a long way over the years and has some great features for tracking visitors to your site. Gain rich insights into your website traffic with Advanced Segmentation, Custom Reporting, Motion Charts, and more.
Google Keyword Tool The Google Keyword Tool Another free tool from Google that lets you enter a search term to find related keywords and search volume that you can later export to an excel spreadsheet and use to determine which terms are most relevant to your business.
iwebtool meta tag generator iWebTool Meta Tag Generator Meta-tags are used frequently by most search engines. They identify your website content using your meta-tags. This simple tool will allow you to configure them easily!
KeyWordSpy SEO Tool KeyWordSpy Keyword Research tool KeywordSpy™ competitive intelligence tool provides research & tracking for PPC, organic & affiliate campaigns to find sites’ keywords, ad copies & budget.
Scrub the Web Meta Tag Generator Scrub the Web Meta Tag Generator Great Site! This is another free meta tag generator by Scrub the Web with an indepth description for meta tag use, along with example code and links to other very useful tools.
Shrink the Web Thumbnail Generator ShrinktheWeb Thumbnail Generator This is the thumbnail generator that we used to produce all the website thumbnail images used on this site. It’s free to use as are all the tools listed here by SeoPro and a great webmaster resource.
Trellion Keyword Tracker Trellian Keyword Research Tool The free version of this tool is limited in search results… but worth the mention for Trellian’s quality of software available and reputation for service.
W3C Link Checker W3C Link Checker The W3C link checking tool: This Link Checker looks for issues in links, anchors and referenced objects in a Web page, or recursively on a whole Web site.
W3C Validation Tool W3C Validation Tool Very important for quality scripting the W3C validation tool checks your page or site for markup errors. Clean code makes for assured proper search engine indexing.
Wordpot Keyword Research Tool Wordpot Online Keyword Research Tool Canadian based and free web based Keyword Generator for finding niche keywords. Listed here for the quality of software.
Wordtracker Keyword Research Tool Wordtracker Keyword Research Tool Another quality keyword research tool limited to 100 search results… more than plenty when planning your keyword stradegy.