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Organic SeoTrue organic “natural” search engine optimization (organic seo) like every business begins with a solid foundation & all too often search engine optimization is an afterthought and implemented well after a company’s internet presence is established. A clear-cut example of putting the cart before the horse.

Since early 1996 pro seo specialist & consultant Kenneth A. Steele from Encinitas, CA has been studying web development & search engine optimization, honing his skills and developing new “unique” programming techniques that have consistently provided top organic search engine search results (SERP’s) and currently has several #1 organic search results in Google, Bing, & Yahoo among others. Now located in Temecula, CA and equipped to manage your website development and optimization on the grandest scale under the name SeoPro Consulting has leveled up to offer local business customizable web development and seo packages on a contractual basis to help fit the needs of business owners both large and small.

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Visit my LinkedIn profile to get an in-depth look into my work history and experience with Search engine optimization and Web Development. See links to past clients websites, study my design work and review screen shots of past search engine ranking search results.

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